An escape down south

My wandering feet are of perpetual itch as I was relieved from my academic responsibilities. Back in November, I had my first ever travel down to the Queen City of the South. It was a breath of fresh air – basically, a lot of firsts. My greedy self seeking for independence felt surreal throughout this journey. I boarded a plane by myself, explored a foreign land with my cousins, and experienced a new culture in my own country.

A view of Cebu from Chateau de Busay
Sun setting in Cebu

Flying to Cebu was a different story. I came to cover for my parents in a wedding ceremony in Busay, then, my journey continues to Carcar and Oslob.

On my first day, one thing has astonished the tourist in me – its people’s faith. Being the oldest city in the Philippines, Cebu harbors a number of Catholic churches in the country. It was moving to witness a population savor the songs of their faith so naturally.


(I also had my turn to see Magellan’s Cross. Off my bucket list!)


I admire Cebu for its richness in history and culture. Walking on its soil is a travel through time – a mix of old and new. I finally set foot on the places I read on my textbooks, my younger self would have thanked me.


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